Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a fun place. We bet you like to have fun at your company too.

We can help you make the two work together in a way that is true to your brand voice while reaching your community in a new way. Maybe you’re already on Twitter or Facebook, or maybe you’re not sure where…to…


There is a social media community built around almost every interest, many with multiple platforms to choose from. Our approach is to consider your brand, your marketing principles, and your goals and to use these to settle your business in the social media platform that makes the most sense for you today – and moving forward. You won’t find a pricing structure for your business’ Facebook or Twitter social media marketing campaign because we don’t know what will work best for you yet.

But we should tell you a little bit about our social media marketing strategy, because it’s probably unlike any other strategy you’ve ever seen. We believe the best way you can promote your business is with your own voice.  To do this, we create a a co-dependent relationship with our social media marketing clients. After some setup and initial testing, we’ll work alongside each other sharing responsibilities, until the day we turn things over to you. After that, we’ll be on hand to help with any questions you have, or as you feel like you want to alter strategy.

The work-share model is unique and it’s successful. We can’t wait to show you.