Writing with Purpose

The words you choose can make, or break, your purpose.

Think about your company. Consider your brand, remember your mission statement, and recite your goals. Each of these statements are crafted around the precise application of words built from an assortment of twenty-six letters. Applying the right combination makes all the difference.

As a brand, your online image serves dual purposes: to inform and entice potential customers, and to be read by search engines. Content writing for the web is a unique process weaving keyword selection with writing ability. What exists on your website must be entertaining for the human eye, but also be able to be understood by search engine spider eyes. How does your content stack up?

Online marketing today means combining company websites with search engine optimization tactics and social media platforms. The way you “talk” to customers on your website should be different from the tone of your Twitter feeds and Facebook posts. Blog posts and articles should inform, but not bore. Together, it all must blend seamlessly to create your company’s unique voice.

Twenty-Six-Letters understands your needs. We invite you to explore our website, review the online portfolio and contact us for a quote or for more information. With twenty-six letters, we can shape your voice.

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