Sometimes you’ve got a marketing project on your hands that’s out of my realm of specialty or you prefer to do your own research first. For those moments in the dark I’ve compiled a list of my favorite local companies and websites/podcasts/resources where you can get the marketing answers you need. And, no, I am not paid for these endoresements nor am I receiving kick-backs of any kind.

Marketing Buddah
Serious “out-of-the-box” (and I hate that term) SEO marketers. More than a decade of experience – these guys have seen SEO through its Wild West days and have come out on the other end unscathed. When black hat tactics were spamming the search engines Marketing Buddah kept it clean and their reputation is stellar. So is their customer service. So are their results. When you’re looking for true SEO, not just inflated search engine results rankings that last briefly, check them out.

Zuula Consulting
Writing services. Why recommend another writing service? Zuula can help you with financial writing services, business branding, and getting things like grant proposals written. Got a manuscript that needs to be reviewed and edited? They’re it. They’re local, they’re dedicated, and they’re talented.

Online Links:

SEOMoz – pay for services and loads of free blog articles about the latest tips, tricks, and trends in the SEO biz today. A definitive source.
SearchEngineWatch – you can spend all day here reading and learning, reading and learning. Authoritative and filled with juicy information.
…and more to come…